Google PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising is an effective inorganic SEO strategy that can help you enjoy immediate online visibility for industry relevant keyword searches; and also attract target leads, increasing your conversion chances dramatically. However, the success of your PPC ad campaign largely depends on how well it is:

  • Devised
  • Executed
  • Monitored
  • And Managed

PPC Can Backfire If Not Done in the Right Way

Poor PPC management can become a costly expense for your business – often leading to thousands of dollars being wasted. The combination of in-depth industry knowledge, proper keyword research and experience is thus, vital to devise a successful PPC ad campaign.

Industry knowledge and research also serve as key factors in selecting keywords and terms to bid on and determine the right combination of phrases that best match with those searched by your target audience, while experience on the other hand, helps you navigate successfully through the bidding process and determine the keyword’s bid price.

Since the PPC payment model is based on clicks, it is imperative that you advertise for the right keywords and create copy that attracts leads that not only click on it and add to your expense but actually convert into sales, thus lowering cost per lead and generating more cash flows with time.

In addition to this, the PPC campaign must be consistently monitored and updated so that you continue to receive the highest returns on your investment. It is important to understand that PPC management is an ongoing process of creating, maintaining and analysing ad campaigns at Google Adwords, Yahoo Gemini, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads to get the desired results.

Elements of a Well-Rounded PPC Campaign

Elements of a well-conceived PPC campaign include:

Proper Keyword Search

It’s important to search, target and bid on the most appropriate and relevant keywords to get high ROI’s.

Ad Creation

You need to have compelling ad copy with the right keywords and strong calls to action that attract traffic that converts into paying customers.

Conversion Tracking

You must create a proper-tracking setup to measure and monitor campaign performance. This is vital to see how your ad is generating leads for your business.

PPC Reporting and Auditing

Monthly reporting helps you view your paid-search performance against key metrics and identify areas of improvement.

PPC Optimisation

Once you know your ads’ weaknesses, and areas where you can improve them, update and tweak your PPC ads, based on the tracking data for best results

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