Landing Page Design & Optimisation

Whether you’re creating your next SEO marketing plan or PPC ad campaign, the common goal between the two strategies is to drive targeted traffic to a particular web page where they can be converted into sales and for this reason landing pages are considered to be the most crucial parts of online marketing. Since a landing page is more focused towards your key selling proposition, it increases the chance of conversion of the traffic/ clicks generated through your PPC and SEO efforts.

But let’s not forget here, that the success of your landing page is primarily dependent on two factors. Its design and optimisation. Studies show that the layout/design is a major factor in landing page performance. In other words, the landing page must look good and be properly designed in order to perform well. Along with design and layout, optimisation is also equally important to create a visitor-engaging and high-converting landing page.

So, whether you are attempting to increase sales or are building your leads, landing page design and optimisation is crucial for success.

Benefits of Well-Designed and Optimised Landing Pages

Here’s what you can gain when you invest in landing page design and optimisation services:

Attract targeted leads by filtering random traffic and lowering your bounce rate

Increase targeted lead generation/more sales conversion eventually improving ROI of your PPC ad marketing campaign

Better Quality Score, as targeted landing pages are more aligned with the search user’s intent. Quality Score is search engine Google’s rating of both the quality and relevance of keywords and PPC advertisements used to determine cost per click and multiplied by the maximum bid to determine ad rank in the ad-auction process. A higher Quality Score will improve your ranking and cut advertising costs

How to Optimize and Design Landing Pages for High Conversion?

The process of creating and optimising landing pages for high conversion is quite complex and highly-detailed. From theme design to page content, every element of your landing page needs to be targeted and well-designed. Though a landing page is independent from your official website, the theme of the page must match and complement your website design and theme, it must align with your brand image. For this you need to be careful about colour choice, graphics, and incorporate the brand logo and other visual elements that are utilised on your website. This helps create a strong brand connection and improves brand awareness. For content optimisation, it is imperative that the landing page content includes keyword enhanced headlines for reader engagement. The content must be well-crafted and targeted, provide relevant information about the offering, and have a clear call to action for desired user response.

All this requires experience, expertise, and a great deal of research. This is where the Marketing Cloud comes into the picture. Leveraging our wealth of industry experience to its full potential and using the best landing page optimisation tools and practices like A/B testing, total experience testing, and multivariate LPO, we provide you landing page design and optimisation services that not just promise but guarantees results – results that help you achieve your business goals successfully and get you the returns you want for your SEO and PPC ad investments sooner than what you may think.

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