Google Shopping Optimisation

Ever since Google launched its Product Search feature in 2007, businesses are exploring new ways to optimise Google products feed. It has become one of the most important search engine marketing strategies for several online retailers, across the globe.

Whether it’s being listed in the 3-pack or 6-pack within Google’s search results, any strategy involving Google base product feed management can either make or break an e-commerce business.

Having a well-planned strategy to improve your Google shopping feeds is, therefore, one of the most effective ways to get your products rank better in all Product Search results – as compared to regular organic search.

Here’s how Trafik can help:

Keyword Search and Inclusion

The focus, here, is on title and description. Unless the product copy and names are already well-optimised, it is recommended that you rewrite and include relevant, popular and generic keywords. A well-written 70-character title is needed to improve your click-through rates.

Regular Check and Balance

Google shopping feeds in UK (and other countries) largely rely upon fresh and up-to-date content. Newly updated and fully optimised products pop up in the first search results on Google’s universal search. This means that your CMS should be configured in such a way so as to automatically upload new products and remove old ones on a frequent basis.

Building Stronger Company Profiles

Product search algorithms crawl through all the company information saved within the Google Merchant Centre account. For businesses, this means writing and providing relevant and readable information about the company on its website that maintains its rank on Google.

Monitoring Reviews

Another important aspect is Google Product Search is that it extracts product reviews and comments from various reviewing websites (such as TrustPilot). Monitoring and reviewing comments can help you improve your products, ensure positive feedback and help keep your product search rankings high.

Linking AdWords with Merchant Centre

Google Merchant Centre, when linked with your AdWords campaign, allows you to highlight all your products directly towards the search ads. This results in a significant increase in the AdWords click-through rate, as the image link is available. With the help of an expert Google shopping feeds company in the UK, you can improve your CTRs and automatically update PPC ads, as products are removed from the shopping feed.

Tracking Google Analytics

This simple, yet important, task allows business owners and managers to view and monitor traffic and ecommerce statistics and figures from their Google shopping feed. It is vital that you keep all ID-attributable values consistent within your feed, instead of recycling and reusing the old ones.

Using Data Quality Report

Reporting, through the Google Merchant Centre, is extremely limited. Frequently reviewing the Data Quality link will help you determine whether your product feed destination URLs are being blocked by any robots.txt files. This can have a significant impact on your Product Search results, as well as affect your shopping feeds.

Trafik offers unmatched expertise in managing your Google shopping feeds and in keeping your business’s search engine results high. By streamlining your shopping feeds with the merchant centre, creating fresh and new content and monitoring performance, we make sure that your shopping feeds maximise your ROI.

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