Link Building

Link building, also known as link popularity, is an important SEO strategy. If executed the right way and in compliance with Google algorithms like Panda and Penguin, this strategy can help you increase organic search engine visibility and drive a huge volume of targeted traffic to your website. In the fastest time possible.

Though Google today uses over 200 signals in its algorithm for ranking websites, but links still remain one of the most important signals to improve and maximise site visibility in search engine results. The strategy works by simply getting external pages to link to your website.

For excellent results and greater impact on SERPs through link building, it is imperative to create high quality links with relevant, trusted, and authoritative websites.

Link Building Controversy- Black and White SEO

The success of your hyperlink building strategy depends on how you go about it – which path you choose, black or white. For quick, high results many businesses often resort to creating spam links which is a Black Hat SEO tactic – a big no. This strategy can help you climb to the top of your industry relevant searches, but is it sustainable… absolutely not! It’s extremely short lived because Google strictly condemns spam links, and penalises such websites, deteriorating your ranking significantly.

However, link building in compliance with Google regulations is the right approach and an important element of the White Hat SEO strategy mix. This process is time-consuming, but worth it. It focuses on relevancy and quality link creation – getting links from high authority and relevant websites.

Benefits of White Hat SEO Link Creation

By creating quality links, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits:

  • Improve online visibility, much needed to spear through competition and attract targeted traffic
  • Improve web ranking
  • Increase brand exposure and awareness
  • Create and nurture new relationships
  • Increase referral traffic

How to Devise a Result-Driven Link Building Plan?

When it comes to creating quality links, there are two things that you must keep in consideration. One, that you need a proper link creation plan including the right mix of linking strategies (plan that tells how you will go about it) and second that it is an ongoing process so you must monitor progress and make necessary changes based on feedback and performance.

Linking creation involves strategies like creating compelling content, directory submissions, making anchor text natural, and ensuring relevancy. This calls for proper keyword research, understanding of your target audience, competitors, and Google criteria, and in-depth SEO industry knowledge.

For quality link building that gets you the results you are aiming for its important to work with industry specialists – Trafik.

We are experienced experts at quality link building. Our SEO specialists can help devise, manage, and monitor the entire link building process. Helping you spear through your competition, by securing and sustaining high rankings in industry relevant SERPs.

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