Organic SEO

Online competition is growing both rapidly and aggressively. The competition is so fierce that no matter how good your services and products may be, if your company website is not visible in the top industry relevant searches, then you’ll never be able to attract business and boost sales.

To crush online competition, increased online visibility is crucial. High search engine ranking for industry relevant keyword searches means increased online visibility, driving maximum number of targeted leads to your business websites. And this is exactly why you need to invest in Search Engine Optimisation services.

SEO can be divided into two categories, inorganic and organic. Inorganic includes PPC advertising and management where you bid and pay to increase online visibility for relevant keywords, while organic SEO refers to the process of natural placement of your website without bidding.

To improve online business visibility it is important to develop a well-rounded SEO plan comprising of the right mix of both inorganic and organic SEO strategies.

Importance of Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Let’s take a deeper dive to understand why organic SEO is important for your online business success:

According to a study conducted by Chitika, the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the online traffic, the second listed website gets about 18 percent of the traffic and it goes down from there.  Now imagine the kind of traffic and business you can generate if you invest in organic SEO? Think about it.

Research shows that organic search is the largest driver of traffic and is a revenue generator for websites in most sectors. This means that by optimising your business website for organic searches, you too, can boost your business sales dramatically.

Here are some more statistics that show the importance of organic search engine optimisation:

  • 70 percent of the links search engine users click on are organic
  • 70 to 89 percent of search users ignore paid ads and focus more on organic results
  • 72 percent of search users claim to click frequently on natural/organic results

Keeping these statistics in consideration, it’s easy to understand how important organic SEO is for your online business. It will also, not be wrong, to say that if you’re not visible in the top organic searches; your competition will dominate a big chunk of your market, while you’ll be left eating the crumbs.

How We Can Help?

To grab a top spot in organic searches for your industry, partner with the Trafik. We are committed to providing businesses with full-scale and well-devised organic SEO campaigns with the best and proven strategies, such as on-page optimisation, link building, copywriting, and keyword research, to help you gain and sustain a high ranking in organic searches on all popular search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We have a team of SEO specialists who are both experienced and abreast with the latest in SEO industry regulations. From creating SEO campaigns in compliance with Google Panda and Penguin algorithm to implementing, managing and monitoring them, we assist you with all of them, helping your business spear through online competition and enjoy increased online visibility, organically!

To learn more about our budget-friendly services and to schedule a consultation, please feel free to call us today!


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